Monday, April 11, 2011

Daiwa Saltiga saltwater reels

Daiwa product for exstream play.

Daiwa Saltiga saltwater reels are built for heavy use - designed to withstand the punishment and take full advantage of super-braid lines today and monofilament for a variety of applications of salt water.

The diameter and strength of fine braided super lines today, you can pack a huge amount of combat power in a compact roll. It also provides incredible load trains and drags designed for monofilament. Therefore this feature milled Saltiga Conventional reinforced components in an aluminum frame Heavy-duty solid material. Just do not ride harder.

SALTIGA Daiwa spinnig reels
SALTIGA Daiwa spinning reels are not for everyone. But for the privileged few who take their saltwater very, very seriously. It naconçu gear steel and bronze. Double A / R. Bail Lock casting power. The Daiwa SALTIGA has released a security update to be manually closed manually.

Daiwa Saltiga Features:  

bulletMetal HardBodyz Design Perfect For Super Braids
bulletAir Bail Tubular Stainless Bail Infinite A/R Roller Bearing
bulletWater Proof Construction
bulletForged Aluminum Spool w/ Titanium Ring
bulletZero Friction Main Shaft
bulletManual Return Bail Closure System
bullet14 Ball Bearings
bulletMachined Aluminum Handle
bulletMassive Front Drag performs wet/dry

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