Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fish Baits For Fresh Water

It consists of two types: Original Omega smell of bread and bread-Enhanced. Original bread - unleavened bread that you buy at the market. Bau-enhanced bread - This is a special bread for the fisheries in the Greater Mekong catfish made. You can buy this bread directly from the gardening store or process the fish itself. These characters are the Super Jake, Omega, and they have four flavors: banana, vanilla, strawberry and pandan. You can see in color. 

Fruit baits 

These are all self-employed mixed feed. You have the right fruit to the mixture so it is a very strong smell that lasts for at least 5-10min in the water to produce. These include: raisins, bananas, mangoes, grapes, apricots, pineapple, durian, sweet corn, jackfruit and papaya. All vegetables are mixed with original bread only to everything that does not smell are listed. 

Breastfeeding foods 

These are all self-employed mixed feed. These include: coconut, chocolate, creamy cakes, eggs, milk powder, jam, butter, cocoa, coffee, cheese, condensed milk. They must also be mixed with only the original version of bread, no odor. 

Powder feed

It is specifically designed for nets for catfish in the Mekong. You can directly from the park to feed the fish themselves or face the store. These characters are the Super Jake etc., Omega, in fact, they smell like cheese, but in a very flour. They are all brown and comes in packets - Omega 1,2 and 3 Mixing console for this caution is needed. You can take the smell of bread, such as Omega-enhanced banana, vanilla, Pandan Starwberry or taste are mixed. The primary use for fishing by dissolving the powder, when in fact, land under water. 

Powder nozzle 

It is also self-feeding mixture. These include - pasta flour, tapioca, wheat and rice, yams. They should be mixed until they comply. You can choose the original or the smell of bread mix Enhanced. 
Mix all should be food self-sufficiency in tanks for at least 7 days prior to the fish store to get the best results: Please note

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