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secret baits recipe for fresh water

1) Tofu and Soya Milk Hong
Fish Feed(Omega/Bomb brands) + Chicken Feed + Tofu/Tau Kuah + Flour + Soya Milk. This Tofu and Soya Milk Hong I found it effective against Rohu, Grass Carp, Li Koh, Jelawat, Pacu, Big Head Carp & Tilapia.

2) Fear Factor Hong
Chicken Feed + Blended Chicken Liver/Blended Chiken Intestines + Flour. This recipe is a real fear factor recipe. After blending the chicken liver or chicken intestines, by the smell of it will make you puke. No water is required to be added for kneading to this recipe as blended chicken liver is already watery. Bear in mind that this type of hong is very sticky and you may need to add more chicken feed for more solid molecule. Fear Factor Hong is created specially for targetting Patin, Pacu and Keli(Catfish)... of course also the Tilapia. p/s: The smell stays on your hand for many hours but it's worth it  .

3) Whiskas Catfood Hong
Blended(Grinded) Ocean Fish Flavor Whiskas Catfood in biscuit form + Flour + RO/pond water. There are two ways of making this hong. If you have a blender, use it to blend/grind the catfood into powder form before mixing it with flour and knead with water. If you don't have a blender, soak the catfood biscuits in pond or RO water until it becomes soft, extract the soften biscuits from the water and knead them with flour, slowing adding the water which you used to soften up the biscuits. The reason why I recommend using RO water or pond water is because tap water contains Chlorine and Chlorine is fish biggest enemy which puts them off. This Whiskas Hong is effective for all variety of fishes.

4) Spices Hong
Fish Feed + Chicken Feed + 5 Spice Powder + Chilli/Curry Powder + Kunyit + Flour + RO water/Pond water/Aquarium water. This spices hong will have a strong pungent smell and colour to attracts fishes which has poor vision such as Patin and Keli. You could also get Pacu and Tilapia. 

5) Tofu & Sweetcorn Combo Hong
Fish Feed + Chicken Feed + Tofu/Tau Kua + Boiled/Steamed Sweet Corn + Flour + Soya Milk. This is my favourite recipe actually to target huge Rohu and any Carp species. It so happened I was experimenting the left over sweetcorns in a cup bought from the cinema and I added in the corns into Tofu & Soya Milk hong concoction. Few weeks in a row, I never fail landing between 15 to 24 huge Rohu and other Carp species on each and every trip. Each time I left the pond with local anglers mouth wide open in awe as I caught the most. 

6) The Common Hong
Fish Feed + Fish Pellets + Chicken Feed + Flour + RO/Pond/Aquarium water. As for using fish pellets in this recipe, you don't have to grind it into powder form.. if you grind it, it makes no difference than fish feed which is already in the concoction. The way of adding fish pellets into this concoction is just like the way how you soften up the Whiskas Catfood biscuits in water which I mentioned in the first post of this thread. This was my first ever recipe created 15 years ago.

7) Kunyit Hong
Fish Feed + Fish Pellets + Chicken Feed + Kunyit + Flour + Pond/Aquarium/RO water. This concoction is also a very common recipe used by many pond anglers. Variety of species can be caught by this recipe.

8) Banana/Vanilla Essense Hong
Fish Feed + Fish Pellets + Chicken Feed + Banana/Vanilla Essense + Flour + Pond/Aquarium/RO water. Most anglers tend to use this concoction in the wild. You only need to put in one capfull(equavalent to one teaspoon) of banana/vanilla essense and the aroma is very appetising.

9) Freshwater Shrimp Hong
Fish Feed + Fish Pellets + Chicken Feed + Freshwater Shrimp + Flour + Pond/Aquarium/RO water. You will need to buy RM2 to RM3 worth of freshwater shrimps(meant for feeding fishes) at any aquarium shops and pound/mash the shrimps up using a pounder before mixing them together with the concoction. Try this recipe and you will know how effective it is.

10) BungSamRan Hong
Bread skin + Fish Powder(enhancer) + Santan. This hong which is a common recipe to target Pla Sawai(Patin), Pla Buk(Giant Mekong Catfish) and Pla Coho(Giant Siamese Carp) at Bungsamran in Bangkok. You will need a bomb rig to put in the concoction and mould it into a ball before casting out. Have never try it out in our Malaysia pond but I am sure it would work as well.


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