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Tiger Shark ( Galeocerdo cuvier )

Tiger shark also can attack human

The tiger shark tiger shark is known for his trademark black tigers. Its scientific name is Galeocerdo cuvier and it belongs to the family Carcharhinidae. Famous brands are on the dark gray-brown back of the tiger shark, while the abdomen is white. Young Tiger Sharks spotted marks displayed; spots that grow together and form stripes, tiger shark matures. The Tiger Shark with a special type of gill slits is equipped (Stigmata) from behind the eyes of a shark. These gill slits, a supply of oxygen directly into the eyes and brain. Another interesting feature on the body of the tiger shark is the electro-receptors, the tiger shark to sense electrical currents in the water permit. In addition, the tiger shark of a supreme sense of smell and sight is very good. This combination makes the Tiger Shark super predator. A tiger shark can be up to 20 feet (6 meters) long, but the average size is 10 feet (3 meters). His body is broad and thick with a rounded snout.The Tiger Shark has a long tail and a little sharp, and there is a ridge along the back of the tiger shark skin bee seen between the two dorsal fins. The second dorsal fin is much shorter than the first. The teeth of a tiger shark are very jagged, like the edge of a saw.They are so sharp and curved, and is in four lines what used again if needed.The tiger shark use its first two rows of teeth to his proie.Quand or tiger shark catch loses a tooth hurts or when a tooth is worn from frequent use , the tooth will easily be replaced by a new turn in the old place. In Tiger shark teeth are the same in the lower and upper jaw. 

The tiger shark is its teeth, everything can fall catch him alive. It is opportunistic and usually has a very varied diet, including prey such as fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, crabs, lobsters, mussels, squid, octopus, sea turtles and even other sharks. Parts of whales, dolphins and porpoises were also found in the stomachs of tiger sharks. Many people are afraid of the tiger shark, but even if it is true that the Tigers will have been shark attacks, people are not wanted and hunted like prey by the Tiger Shark. The tiger shark's eating habits is the subject of numerous scientific studies over the years and compared well with those of many other shark species known. The tiger shark has a reputation for some of its tendency very unorthodox in his diet. In examining the stomach contents of tiger sharks, scientists have very surprising things, including a women's pajamas, one rubber tires, a roasting, tar paper, bad potatoes, shoes found roil, a dog, a can of Spam, rags, bottles and a bag of coal. As mentioned above, the Tiger Shark is very opportunistic and feel free to treasure hunters, where possible. When considering Tiger sharks, the area was inhabited offal was dumped from slaughterhouses, scientists have parts of horses, cattle and sheep found in the stomachs of tiger sharks. A tiger shark from Durban in South Africa has captured the head and forequarters of a crocodile. The Tiger Shark is a shark to be relatively sluggish, and the frequency with which certain types of food in the stomach of a tiger shark end depends on how much effort the Tiger Shark will be obtained using. Scientists found outside Tiger Sharks Hawaii study that the Tiger Shark, to eat different things at different stages of his life tend. The smallest Tiger Sharks in Hawaii turned out to be as active at night and feed mainly on bottom. Their diet consists mainly of bony fishes, cephalopods, crustaceans, birds and land mammals. Tiger sharks feed on the other hand, are mainly of eight types of prey. Just like the little tiger sharks, more sharks ate all five prey species mentioned, but also with a large number of marine mammals, turtles and elasmobranchs in the diet.The growing size and increased efficiency of the hunt, a change in diet as possible. This is common in many other shark species. It can sometimes be the result of a change in the geographic area that the shark grows. 

Tiger sharks are usually found on the surface and up to 1,200 feet (340 meters). They live near the coast and in open waters. Tiger Shark inhabits the tropical and subtropical coastal waters worldwide and can be found in some temperate waters. In the North Atlantic tiger sharks are frequently found year off the coast of Florida, but they may migrate northward to Nova Scotia in Canada during their seasonal migration. Tiger sharks are also famous for their long journeys across the North Atlantic and Tiger sharks can travel to the North Atlantic and all the way to South America and Africa. Tiger sharks appear to prefer coastal areas, but spend much time in the pelagic areas near the coast and in certain phases of their lives. Studies show that small tiger sharks live in areas other than the great Tiger Sharks, probably a way to avoid to struggle and robbery. Tiger sharks eat other tiger sharks, if possible. 

A kindergarten for Tiger Sharks has been found on the continental shelf of south-eastern United States outside the approximate area, just outside Augusta, Georgia, outside of Daytona, Florida. The care sector to about 55 threads. There is also a reason Tiger Shark care on the coast of North Carolina. Tiger sharks are solitary and come together only to reproduce. Studies on tiger sharks in the North West showed their maturity at about 8.5, FL, indicating an age of about 7 years. This applies to both men and women tiger sharks. Women have thus reached 20 to 25 percent of their age when they have matured and the chance to reproduce at least 10 times before reaching their age limit.You have is a two-year cycle of reproduction.Contrairement other members of the family Carcharhinidae the tiger shark ovoviviparous. It is sometimes aplacental as viviparity.The embryos hatch in utero and development in her lap, but they get no nourishment from the mother through the placenta or the like. Tiger Shark normally produces 35-55 embryos that a larger number is ovoviviparous for an animal. There are reports of up to 82 embryos in a litter tiger shark. The gestation period for Tiger Sharks has not been confirmed, and some sources say, nine months, while others believe that the gestation period longer than one year. The female will give birth in late spring or early summer.Newborn tiger sharks are 20-30 inches (51-76 cm)

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  1. tiger sharks are my favorite shark because they are known for brutell attacks but are just another fish trying to survive the rough world.


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